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Traffic accidents are a very stressful experience!

At Technical Collision we understand this and look at the repair process through your eyes ~ as the customer.

An efficient and timely repair is paramount to your claim filing and reporting need, this ensures you a quick

and efficient claim settlement. We understand this and focus our attention on your need for high quality

service in a timely manner, so you can focus on what matters most.


We will take care of your worries for you! Your peace of mind is our priority during this repair process.


We provide you with:

Ø an accurate, free estimate

Ø repair plan

Ø detailed cost breakdown for your records and your insurance company

Ø an estimated completion date

Any changes will be discussed with you prior to any work being done


At Technical Collision, we care about the small details and provide impeccable repair standards. Our certified repair technicians will repair your vehicle on budget and on time. You will be kept informed regarding the status of your vehicle. You will be contacted prior to your vehicle return date, to discuss shuttle services, payment options, pick up times and more.


When your vehicle is ready, a final inspection will be scheduled with you, followed by a walk-through explaining the repairs done on your vehicle. You will receive from us all relevant documentation and invoices for your records and insurance company.


We will return your vehicle to you looking like new.

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